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Emergency Shopping (Vehicle Emergency Items)

“Emergency Shopping” is not to be confused with a “Shopping Emergency.” This one is encouraging you to go shopping for a few items that could help you out if you ever have an emergency in your vehicle. They’re all things carried in emergency vehicles.

This goes beyond the old standards like a first aid kit, a blanket, jumper cables and the like, though those are all great things to have on board. But consider purchasing these additional things to keep in your vehicle in case you find yourself stranded in a dangerous spot.

Emergency vehicles carry road flares, and for a good reason. They burn a bright red light, visible both at night and during the day. Flares provide one of the most effective ways of getting the attention of drivers who are approaching a disabled vehicle. Don’t be intimidated by them; they’re easy to light, and they can truly save your life by preventing another vehicle from crashing into you. They come in kits with a carrying case, or you can get them individually.

Another item emergency vehicles carry is a fire extinguisher. Special smaller ones are made for non-commercial vehicles. The type to look for is one that can put out different kinds of fires, such as electrical and petroleum (oil, gasoline) since many different kinds of fires can start in your vehicle. Some have a mounting bracket to keep them from moving around.

At night, if you have a flat tire or need to attend to someone who’s injured, you need to be able to see what you’re doing. So, get an LED flashlight designed for automotive use. Many not only have a beam to aim at something; they also have a built-in lantern to light up a bigger area. It’s a must-have light to read instructions on jacking your vehicle or helping to bandage a cut after an accident. Don’t think your cell phone is going to do the job; plus, you need that for communication – save the battery.

The final item is a no-brainer, but it’s a basic when it comes to staying alive. Have a supply of drinking water and some snacks on hand in your vehicle. If you are ever stranded, you don’t want to have to resort to eating bugs and drinking melted snow. Power bars and bottled water are the easiest way to go on these.

Here at Joey’s Truck Repair, we may have recommendations on which brands will work best for your situation and where they can be purchased. Emergency crews carry all these things for a reason. You should, too. Not only could they save your life, but they could also help you save someone else.